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What is Jute ?
Jute is the most versatile fibre gifted to man by nature. Known mainly as the raw material for making sacks, jute finds extensive use in the making of handicrafts today.

Eco Friendly Fiber For The Future
Jute Products

The products like bags, home furnishing, apparel, textile industrial goods, carpets & handicrafts are made of the ECO-friendly natural fiber are JUTE PRODUCTS. Followings are the products mainly covered in Jute Industry Portal.

Jute Bags

Jute Handicrafts
Jute Apparel

Jute Furnishings
Jute Textiles

Jute Carpets & Mats Industrial Jute Goods

Jute, the 100% bio-degradable fiber is completely pollution free and is hence gaining popularity as the eco-friendly fiber.

Jute Industry
Jute Industry Overview

Know everything about the Indian Jute industry and discover the huge potential of the industry!

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