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Eco-friendly FiberMade from Jute Hessian Cloth, Jute Hessian Bags are an environment-friendly option for storing various agricultural products. Plain Jute Hessian bags are totally bio-degradable and easily blend with the environment. These bags, after chemical treatment are made rot proof so that they can withstand moisture and sun, for a longer period of time.

Jute Hessian bags are available in many sizes, manufactured according to buyer's specifications. The popular kinds of Hessian bags are:
Jute Hessian Cloth Bags
  • Plain Jute Hessian Bags.
  • Treated (Rot Proof) Jute Hessian Bags.
  • Fire-Proof Jute Hessian Bags.
  • Custom Printed Jute Hessian Bags.
  • Jute Hessian Spiral Bags
  • Jute Hessian Box Bags
Bags are also available with drawstrings, tie strings, web handles and tags.
Jute Hessian bags are used for packing of a variety of commodities viz. Food & Grains, Potatoes, Onions, Sugar, Tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa, Peanut, Sand, Cement etc. These bags are tailored so as to hold goods upto 100 kgs of weight.

Jute Hessian Spiral Bags
These are special type of Jute Bags that are made out of Jute Hessian cloth, stitched spirally in form of tubes. These bags have extensive uses in cotton packing.

Jute Hessian Box Bags
These special type of Jute Bags have six sides and are manufactured in various sizes and weights, as per buyer's specifications.


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