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Eco-friendly FiberSacking bags, woven wholly from jute fabrics, are available as plain and twill bags. Jute bags, the other name for sacking bags are mainly used to pack cement, sugar and other bulky articles, which are packed in weight range from 50 to 100 kgs. These are tailored as per customer's specifications in terms of size and to meet the ever-increasing demand of jute bags in the farm sector, agro-based industries and cement industries.
Sacking bags, specifically used for the purpose of storing agro-based products, are known as Hydro carbon free bags, that have been treated with vegetable oils to destroy the harmful effect of hydrocarbons. Thus sacking bags have great demand not just in the cement industry but also in the agro-based industries. Different categories of sacking are-
Jute Sacking Bags
  • A-Twill
  • B-Twill
  • L-Twill
  • D.W. Flour
  • D.W. Salt
  • D. W. Nitrates
  • Heavy Cees
  • Light Cees
  • Sydney Woolpacks
  • Australian Woolpacks
  • Australian Cornsacks
  • New Zealand Cornsacks
  • New Zealand Woolpacks
  • Fine Twill Cloth
  • Cement Bags


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