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Eco-friendly FiberJute as a raw material has penetrated into many spheres of artistic activity and the footwear industry has not remained untouched. Jute sandals, clogs and slippers are being made in latest designs and have found universal acceptance. Manufacturers and exporters in India have been exporting jute footwear worldwide.
Jute footwear is made of Bleached & Natural yarn inter-woven with hessian lining. Ladies clogs are made of fine hessian in natural shade, with EVA bottom and furnished leather toe-knot. Interwoven jute & leather, with leather binding are used to make Jute sandals. The foot-bed may be made of Jute composite.
Jute Sandals

Jute sandals may have jute uppers and a rubber base. Sometimes, the sides are pasted with velvet fabric. The insole is made from suede, leather or some other material. Sandals with braided Jute straps look very trendy. The straps may be embellished with glass beads, or other flowery patterns. These sandal come in Natural, Brown or tanned brown color.


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