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Eco-friendly FiberCovering fabrics, stuffings and other materials used in upholstering are collectively termed as upholstery. Jute is being increasingly used as a major component in upholstery. Blended jute upholstery peps up any setting and brings in an ethno-chic yet casually contemporary look to it.

Silky lustre, high tensile strength, low extensibility, considerable heat and fire resistance, long staple length and inexpensive nature are the characteristics of jute that has immense designer potentials. Manufacturers and exporters have discovered the high versatility of the fiber, which can be easily combined with other materials.
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Finding a lot of usage in upholstery, the monotonous brown hue of the fiber can be transformed to exotic colors, suited to a person's choice and style. Even the coarseness of the fabric can be changed to a soft, silky fabric, which is environment friendly, light weight, durable, extremely fashionable and very easy-to-use. Jute is used for making covers and stuffings etc necessary for doing up the furnitures.


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