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 Jute Hessian Cloth or Burlap
Eco-friendly FiberJute Hessian also termed as Burlap is a finer quality jute fabric that has been long used as the most preferred packaging material for all kinds of goods. Also available in "dyed", or "bleached" form and treated with vegetable oil, Burlap meets the latest international standards for food safety.

It is a plain cloth woven from jute fabrics Jute Hessian cloth or Burlapwith single warp and weft, available as -
  • Plain
  • Treated (Rot Proof)
  • Custom Printed
Burlap may be used as Squares, Sheets, Liners, Jute Hessian, Bags, Tobacco Wraps, Tubing, Jute Hessian Blankets, Camouflage Jute Hessian and general packing materials for commodities such as cotton and wool. Jute Hessian cloth is generally used for packing or wrapping materials for agricultural products such as wool, cotton and tobacco and also in the upholstery industry.

Burlap serves the following purposes:
  • Cloth is used for general packing of goods or commodities, such as cotton or wool.
  • Bags are used to store and pack varieties of goods and commodities such as sand, pulses, grain, potato, onion, sugar and tobacco. The bags are tailored for packing goods upto 60 kgs of weight. These bags serve important purposes specially in geo-based industries and other industries such as construction, cement making etc.


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