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Eco-friendly FiberThe finest jute product, closely woven of the best grades of fiber. Jute canvas is widely used in India for protection from the weather. Canvas is the heavy Fabric of the Tarpaulin variety available in a wide range of construction & weights.. It is a plain weave fabric of fine quality, which is relatively inexpensive compared with canvas made from other fibers.

Jute Canvas TentCanvas is a very heavy woven cloth and so is the tarpaulin. Many other classes of cloths are woven with jute yarn with various weave-geometry weights and are much heavier than sacking cloths.

Canvas is used mainly for coverings on a multi-dimensional scale. It is used for the manufacture of different types of bags including postal mail bags, high quality seed bags. Bitumen coated tarpaulin bags are used in the fertilizer industry. Postal bags are made from D. W. Canvas and scrim lamination with paper polythene is used in mines.


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