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Eco-friendly FiberHydrocarbon Free jute bags are gaining a lot of popularity the world over for storing the food commodities in the most healthy and non-toxic packing. Hydrocarbon-Free Burlap is treated with Palm Oil or other vegetable oils to make it totally free from hydrocarbons and petroleum-based batching oils so as to pack and store agricultural commodities, without any fear of contamination.

Food Grade items like cocoa, coffee beans and shelled nuts need natural, non-toxic material to retain their freshness, natural aroma and taste. Hence, food grade quality jute cloths and bags which may be plain, laminated and poly-lined strictly as per the laid down International Analytical and Organoleptic criteria under rigid quality control of the IJIRA are being manufactured.

Hydrocarbon free jute bags manufactured, by various jute mills have become the ideal packaging media for storing food items. These bags are safe for packaging food products such as peanuts, coffee, and other agricultural produce. These bags are available in various sizes and weights.


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